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For students without a financial support system, university or college can be a real struggle. Having to fend for one’s self while focusing on studies is no child’s play. That burden adds up when students have to purchase any needed software. Owing to this, free software for students is a necessity and should be easily accessible to all. Luckily, there is quite a lot of open-source software that directly and indirectly aids students academically. Which free software are the best for this purpose? Here are the five best free software for students.

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Image Show in University or College Software

Image show in university or college Software

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Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Some students opt to use free Microsoft Office wannabe software because they can’t afford the real McCoy. Sometimes they experience formatting problems and endless intrusive ads that are distracting. That can hinder the productivity of affected students and lead to failed grades and wasted time.

To work around that problem, Microsoft has made Office 365 for Education free to all college and university students. All you have to do is use your. edu email when signing up to prove that you’re an actual student.

Office for Education also works for part-time students. All that’s needed to gain access to this best software for students is having a. edu domain email from the school.

Cold Turkey

Disturbances can be a killer of academic progress, especially if the student suffers from ADHD. When an assignment is due or when you have an exam to study for, it just seems like there are more distractions than ever before.

Since most students use their electronic gadgets to study, such as their laptops and tablets, they may encounter even more disturbances. They can window shop online or stream movies instead of doing their schoolwork, but Cold Turkey brings an end to that.

Cold Turkey is software for students that blocks certain sites or the whole internet for the duration of your study or assignment writing.

However, sometimes school work is just too much and you need to get professional help with writing essays and other papers. Some students opt to pay for writing a research paper instead of slogging out and delivering poor quality work. Hiring an online writing service saves a lot of time for them and ensures high-quality college writing work.


For students who can’t process raw data, they can use Tableau to help them easily understand that information by means of visualization. Tableau uses charts, maps, graphs, and other visual means to aid students to identify patterns more easily from the raw data provided.

Students can also use these visualizations for their school project presentations to make their audience understand their findings much better. Tableau also comes with an added benefit of a student guide on how they can use data analytics. College students and K-12 students have free access to this computer software.

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Image Show in University or College Students

Image show in university or college students

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Paint. NET

Paint. NET can often go confused with the regular Paint program preinstalled on most all Windows-powered desktop and laptop computers. If that is what you think, you are half right, Paint. NET rooted from the regular program and works similarly to it, but it is on steroids.

It has features like undoing everything to the point where you started working on the file and using layers on the file being worked. Paint. NET is free editing software that can be a real cost-saver for graphic design students as it is open source but yet very useful.


Throughout their college years, students will need to draw numerous diagrams, circuits, or flowcharts, dependent on their field of study. Dia is open-source software that can help students even draft technical drawings with great ease.

Using Dia is very easy because of its user-friendly interface and once you’ve downloaded the shapes you need the most, you’ll be fully equipped for your curriculum.

Shapes here are readily available from the repository. These include chemistry shapes, engineering shapes, and other shapes and objects. That makes it easy to personalize Dia to support personal study preferences according to the curriculum you are studying.

The bottom line

Students don’t need to pay extra fees or subscriptions to gain access to computer programs that are essential for their grades. By using these software, they will be able to save considerable amounts of money that can be better used for other necessities as it is free. Some of the software outlined are among the best in the industry and maybe you didn’t know they were available free. Try now and give out your best performance.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is an education expert specializing in the field of technology. She tests and reviews the best apps and software that assist learning and simplify the overall education process for students in schools and colleges. In her free time, she learns to play musical instruments, tries embroidery and writes blogs.

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- Published/Last Modified on: October 11, 2019

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