Last Minute Tips for XAT Exam 2020

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  • XLRI conducts XAT exam on an all India level to select the most appropriate students for management education.

  • The exam consists of the following section

    • Quantitative Ability

    • English Language

    • Logical Reasoning

    • Decision Making

    • GK

    • Essay

Success Secrets for XAT Exam

Image of the Main topics to remember in XAT exam

Main Topics to Remember in XAT Exam

  1. Negative marking:

  2. Prefer to leave a question rather than attempt it when he/she is not very sure of the answer.

  3. Attempt mock test:

  4. Attempt full-length mock XATs

  5. Simulated conditions

  6. Identify areas of improvement

  7. Move towards greater percentiles

  8. Get into the right frame of mind:

  9. Avoid negative self-talk

  10. Avoid undue pressure

  11. Do not forget the basics:

  12. Attempt the paper by taking one question at time

  13. If you do not know how to solve it move on

  14. If you know how to, then decide you want to work or leave it

  15. Stay motivated

  16. Go from the potential percentiles

  17. Avoid the last minute rush and hassle:

  18. Visit the examination centre one day before exam day

  19. Get acquainted with the route and the other logistics.

  20. Gather all the necessary implements and documents

    • Particularly your admit card

  21. Relax a day prior to the exam.

  22. Final Day:

  23. Breathe in

  24. Mediate

  25. Read questions properly

  26. Don’t panic

  27. Manage time and speed

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