XAT 2020 Syllabus

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Verbal and Logical Ability

For the section, the main topics include probability, philosophy, analytics skills and other verbal logical ability that supports students to crack this section easily. Other topics include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Para completion, Inference
  • Grammar
  • PFQ
  • Reading Comprehension

Decision Making

The syllabus pattern for this section has questions testing the decision making skills of students. Mostly the questions would be in a case form and students are asked to select the most appropriate decision.

Analytical Reasoning

  • Conditions and Grouping Test
  • Data Arrangement Test: Complex Arrangement
  • Logical Ability (Caselets)
  • Decision Making

Quantitative Ability

The XAT 2015 Syllabus for this section has questions related to numbers and prepares candidates for number systems, numerology and data skills. The main topics of this sections include the following:

  • Arithmetic-Number System, Ratio and Proportion
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Additional Topic in Arithmetic: Problems on Trains, Clock and Calendar, Mixtures and Alligation
  • Unitary Method: Time and Distance
  • Commercial Maths: Profit and Loss, Interes
  • Geometry: Triangles, Circles
  • Mensuration
  • Coordinate Geometry-Cartesian Plane and lines
  • Linear Programming
  • Trigonometry: Heights and Distance
  • Statistics
  • Number system
  • Algebra: Permutation and Combinations, Sequence And Series
  • P&C
  • Probability
  • Set theory
  • DI caselets

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation: Caselets, Table Chart

Data Sufficency

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