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In a significant development towards the field of Science and Technology, the Union Cabinet has approved setting up of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) at Moscow, Russia.

This ISRO unit is mandated to collaborate with Space agencies and industries in Russia along with the neighbouring countries for mutually synergetic outcomes.

The Liason Unit will enable effective technical coordination for timely interventions on diversified matters with Russia and neighbouring countries for realization of the programmatic targets of ISRO.

Image shows of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit at Moscow

Image Shows of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit at Moscow

Image shows of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit at Moscow

Benefits and Significance

  • For promoting mutual outcome benefits ISRO will be able to collaborate with Space agencies/industries in Russia and neighbouring countries.

  • Required technological support would be provided to ISRO’s Gaganyaan programme. This programme requires establishment of specialized facilities essential to support life in space.

  • The ongoing bilateral programmes of cooperation in space technology and act on behalf of ISRO shall also be promoted and facilitated.

  • ISRO’S technical cooperation and assistance with international space agencies would further boost the technical capabilities keeping in view of the 15th August, 2022 timeline for realization of Gaganyaan human space programme.

ITLU Moscow Office

  • The Moscow Office shall be managed by ISRO Scientist/Engineer who will be designated as Counsellor (Space) on deputation.

  • He/She will be deputed from ISRO and will be designated as Counsellor (Space) on deputation.

  • Liaison Officer will be deputed at ITLU from ISRO and he/she shall be responsible for providing technical information about developments in research and technology.

  • The inputs arising from their meetings with researchers, government agencies and industries in the respective countries would be taken into consideration.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 17, 2019

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